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PreSonuSphere 2013

PreSonuSphere 2013

It’s a family tradition!

PreSonus is like an extended family. We play music together, we become friends with our customers, and our customers get to know each other and share ideas through our forums, social media, and clinics. Best of all, we enjoy a family reunion each year at PreSonuSphere, our annual user conference in historic downtown Baton Rouge.

In 2011, more than 200 PreSonus users left our first PreSonuSphere knowing a lot more about StudioLive and Studio One and with warm memories of our fair city, excellent music, famous Southern hospitality, and fabulous Cajun food.

Last year, we doubled down, expanding to a two-day event. More than 480 attendees from Europe, South America, and the USA gathered at the Manship Theatre for a huge party with show-stopping performances by Louisiana bands and our traditional, home-style jambalaya feast. During the next two days, we learned from a variety of music-industry luminaries, exchanged tips and ideas, greeted old friends, and made new ones. Between seminars, staff and guests strolled the beautiful downtown Baton Rouge riverfront area together and enjoyed the local restaurants and coffee shops. And in the evenings, we were treated to fantabulous concerts.

With our third annual PreSonuSphere, we have firmly established a family tradition. We’ll kick off with the ever-popular jambalaya feast on Thursday evening, October 24, and starting on Friday morning, we’ll dive into two days of seminars at the beautiful Manship Theatre.

As a PreSonus user, you’re already part of the family, and we’re eager to show you a good time. If you’re a PreSonuSphere veteran, you know how special this event is. If you have never been to PreSonuSphere, you are in for a wonderful, fun new experience. Come on down!

We’ll gather in our now-traditional venue.

PreSonuSphere 2013 will again be held at the beautiful Manship Theatre, part of the Shaw Center for the Arts in historic downtown Baton Rouge. Join us for this exceptional event on Friday, October 25, and Saturday, October 26! Check out the special hotel rates further down this page!

You’re going to like Baton Rouge.

Within a few blocks of the Manship Theatre are more than a dozen affordable restaurants and some hot-rocking clubs. If you’re into history, you’re within walking distance of our Old Capitol Building, museums and the historic USS Kidd—the last remaining mint-condition WWII destroyer. Or just take a relaxing stroll along the mighty Mississippi River.

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Craig Anderton
Martin Atkins
Jim Boitnott
John DeNosky
Byron Gaither (steadyb)
Joe Gilder
Khaliq Glover
Dave Gunness
Burr Johnson
Justin Lassen
Jim Mack

Naomi Mercer
John Mills
Joshua Morris
Rick Naqvi
Jim Odom
Bobby Owsinsky
Steve Savanyu
John Storyk
Chris Tsanjoures
Bob Tudor

This PreSonuSphere will be the best yet!

We’ve expanded our product line this year, so we have even more to show and discuss, including new StudioLive™ AI-series Active Integration™ digital mixers and PA speakers, Studio One 2.6 DAW (with very cool features we haven’t announced yet!), ADL-series preamps and channel strips, Sceptre and Eris studio monitors, and more. What the heck IS Active Integration anyway? Come experience it for yourself!

Food and music abound.

Both days start with a continental breakfast (included in your “tuition”).

The Thursday (October 24) pre-PreSonuSphere Jambalaya Feed will be held at the Shaw Center for the Arts’ fourth-floor River Terrace, which features a stunning view of the Mississippi River. Delicious, home-style jambalaya is a time-honored part of our family tradition, and it’s free to Friday PreSonuSphere attendees.

But don’t eat too much too long, ‘cuz after that, we’ll have a free concert, featuring Louisiana-flavored L’Angelus — with an open bar.

Driving/flying in on Friday for our Saturday session? Catch another concert in the Manship Theatre on Friday night, featuring regional favorites Royal Teeth! There’s even going to be a pre-concert class session that follows the onstage miking and StudioLive setup.

And if you still haven’t gotten enough of our distinguished presenters by Saturday evening, we’re offering an optional PreSonuSchmooze dinner with the whole gang at the Hilton.

Seminars you won’t want to miss.

If you can only make it for one day, fear not: We’ll repeat key presentations on both days. If you can attend both days, be assured that there’ll be enough unique, interesting classes to keep you fully occupied. There are three separate “tracks” of different presentations, and we’re weaving the schedule together to maximize your ability to experience two full days of classes. Here’s a list of the topics we’ll offer:

Keynote Breakfast with the Chiefs
Get the inside story as PreSonus™ CEO Jim Mack, Chief Strategy Officer Jim Odom, Chief Technical Officer Bob Tudor, and EVP of Product Development John Bastianelli discuss the state of the industry, the future, and PreSonus’ place in it. Free continental breakfast in the Foyer.

NEENER NEENER. My PA is better than your PA
Once you’ve heard ‘em, we think you’ll agree that our new StudioLive AI PA loudspeakers change the whole landscape of compact PA. Their inventor, legendary designer and Fulcrum Acoustic cofounder Dave Gunness, explains the technology behind CoActual transducers and his Temporal EQ™ DSP voodoo. Then we’re gonna attempt to clear the landscape by REALLY CRANKING these bad boys.
Break • Picked-over remains of Continental Breakfast, water, and soft drinks in the Foyer. Visit our Partner tables. Buy cool st uff at PreSonuShop. Visit the gurus up in the Conference Room.

It’s ALIVE! Active Integration Wireless Wonderment
Join front-of-house veteran John Mills and PreSonus’ own Wesley Smith as they show you how to get the most out of the new Active Integration suite of Virtual StudioLive-AI, StudioLive Remote-AI and QMix-AI. Learn how to tweak your system via iPad without having to use a computer (including the ins and outs of wireless routers). Learn what adding a computer does with the Smaart® room-analysis wizard and the new integrated features of Capture 2.1 and Studio One 2.6.

Do It Like the Pros!
Pre-Concert Part 1 with John Mills & Chris Tsanjoures
We’re gonna have a concert in here at 7 PM, and there’s a lot to do! As system engineer and audio crew chief on the Kenny Chesney Tour, John Mills qualifies as a pro. Rational Acoustics’ Chris Tsanjoures joins him to take you through “shooting the room” with Smaart, tweaking PA output, compensating for room acoustic problems, and a gazillion other details that can make or break a performance. If you mix live in clubs, churches, or any other venue, you gotta attend this one!

Continue to Do It Like the Pros!
Pre-Concert Part 2 with John Mills
Yes, it takes at least three hours to set things up right for a concert. Now that we have the PA sounding its best, John Mills takes you through everything he didn’t cover in the first session, including mic selection and placement, doing a virtual soundcheck with Capture 2.1, verifying outputs with Smaart Output Check wizard, live soundcheck, getting ready to record the gig, setting and recalling presets, and getting the most out of the dual Fat Channels on our new StudioLive AI consoles.

Making the Switch: Confessions of an Ex-Pro Tools User
Think it’s hard to climb out of the Pro Tools rut? Others have kicked the habit and made the timely switch to Studio One. You can too. Founder of the popular Web site HomeStudioCorner, Joe Gilder has been there and has come up with a smooth transition plan that builds on users’ years of PT and yet takes full advantage of Studio One’s improved workflow and expanded features. Twelve-step your way in and sit down!

MIDI Guitar – It’s Not Just for Faking Keyboards Anymore
Fishman won the NAMM 2013 Best of Show for their TriplePlay Wireless Guitar MIDI Controller for good reason. Nothing tracks better for music production. Learn recording and sequencing MIDI guitar in Studio One (it’s packed right in the TriplePlay box!), as well as music composition with unparalleled tonal options via multiple instruments at the same time through string or fret splits. Host Burr Johnson will also cover other topics, include creating tab and lead sheets in Notion Progression.

Anderton Cuts Tracks With a Sharpened Axe
We don’t need to tell you Craig Anderton is an authority on all things music tech, but did you know one of his primary passions has always been guitar? The author of 21st Century Guitar digs into the nitty-gritty details of getting a killer guitar tone on your recordings. Like a master class for recording guitar, Craig will take you through it all using Studio One, covering both acoustic and electric guitar. Topics will include micing techniques vs going direct, layering, EQ, utilizing multi-band chorus, advanced amp simulation, and much more. Space is limited. Get there early!

Prepare for the Worst…and Other Cheerful Insights from Industry Legend Martin Atkins
Martin Atkins’ three decades in the music business spans genres, borders, and industries. Having experience in nearly every aspect of record production and promotion has given him a unique perspective not only on where the music industry is currently but where it’s going in the future. And basically things are grim unless you embrace new promotion, distribution, and monetization methods. This presentation is less a commercial for Nimbit than it is a blueprint for prospering in a new world.

Get Smaarter with Rational Acoustics’ Chris Tsanjoures
Chris discusses the integrated Smaart Spectrum features in Virtual StudioLive-AI to mitigate feedback and set key filters with the noise gate. Using the Smaart Analysis wizard, Chris will demo creating complimentary system EQ, using multiple measurement positions to generate averaged system-response measurement. Chris will also introduce the new Smaart v7 Di platform, and demo basic Subwoofer alignment with v7.

“We actually make money with our music!”
L’Angelus goes Riff to Release with Nimbit®
The session starts with popular Cajun band L’Angelus recording a live song.
It ends with that song posted on their Facebook store, ready for downloading. Follow the process from start to uploading to Nimbit directly from inside Studio One. Learn how Active Integration and Nimbit can help you connect with your audience, capture contact information — and make money in the bargain (or get donations for your church).

“You’re Not Gonna Use a Dynamic Mic for THAT, Are You?” The Right Microphone for the Right Job
Nobody ever has enough microphones. But Audio Technica guru Steve Savanyu isn’t here to sell you more mics; he’s here to show you how to intelligently use the ones you have. Learn which microphones to pick for various live and recording applications, and equally important, where to place them. An accomplished presenter and teacher, Steve has over 35 years of professional audio production experience in live sound, contracting, studio, and broadcast applications.

Deep Inside Studio One: Advanced Production
Finally! We get to see how a crazy person works, as we take a peek inside the unpredictable mind of steadyb. While not known for sharing his toys, steadyb will share his recording, mixing, and mastering secrets used in the production of the album “Proud to be American.” Learn the ways of the Force as steadyb breaks down the Studio One approach for the disorganized and scatterbrained and shows how Studio One allows the freedom to be spontaneous, with amazing results. As steadyb says: “In the end, it is only the results that matter, not what you had to do to get there.”

When Front-Of-House Is the Back of Your Sanctuary
“StudioLive AI PA Mixers Go to Church.” Doug Gould tours the nation showing churches how to get the most from our mixers. When he’s joined by veteran engineer / house-of-worship audio consultant John Mills and microphone expert Steve Savanyu, you’re in for a VERY informative 90 minutes. Whether you’re part of the worship team, a praise band member or sound board volunteer, you’ll leave with a wealth of ideas as to how to immediately improve your church’s sound tomorrow.

Submit to the Master! Craig Anderton Takes Requests
It wouldn’t be PreSonuSphere without author, editor, and lecturer Craig Anderton showing us how to get audiophile-quality results from the built-in Project page mastering section in Studio One Professional. But this year his demo materials are going to be YOUR .wav tracks, submitted before the presentation. He’ll choose examples and then master them right before your ears! For those of you who attended last year, Craig has promised to cover some new ground — as well as the basics for those new to Studio One Professional. Space is limited. Get there early!

Turn up !!! Hip Hop Production Using Studio One
Studio One Specialist Dominic “Tic Toc” Bazile’s clients include Ludacris, Juvenile, VH1, and Bravo. He shows you the best methods for producing hit hip hop tracks in Studio One. Topics will include: working with samples, sampling and sample editing in Studio One, using Impact for chopping up samples, making your own drum kits using Impact and Sample One, Sample One editing, setting up multi-outs, loop recording workflow, using external keyboard sounds in Studio One, recording/editing hip hop vocals, and mix techniques for today’s hip hop sound.

Khaliq Glover Does Studio One
Grammy-winning engineer and producer Khaliq Glover's discography reads like a Hall of Fame list: Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Teddy Riley, Marcus Miller, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones, and many more. Khaliq relies on Studio One, especially for processing parts and making the final mix sound great. Learn from the master at this must-see event!

Face the Blackboard! You WILL Be Tested On This.
How to Use PreSonus Products In the Classoom
PreSonus Education Market Manager John Mlynczak explains how PreSonus products’ ease of use makes them ideal for both instrumental music and music technology courses. From recording in-class with an interface and Studio One, to using StudioLive AI mixers and PA as a solution for school audio, John will present the multiple education resources that are available on musiced.presonus.com

What’s All the Commotion Over Notion?
Finally! Notation software that’s easy-to-use, sounds great, and is affordable! Notion’s the #1 selling notation app for iPad, is ideal for Mac or PC, and offers benefits to Studio One users. Whether writing a lead sheet, guitar tab, or a full orchestral composition, Notion has a solution. Notion has been bridging the gap between notation and audio software for years, and now you can learn how to incorporate these features into your next production. Jim Boitnott and John Mlynczak will demonstrate Notion’s many powerful features for everyone, regardless of experience!

Look What the Storyk Brought: Small Venue Designs With the Man Who Practically Invented Studio Design
Okay, let’s put it this way. This is probably the only chance you’re ever going to get to learn about recording-studio design from one of the world’s most accomplished studio architect/acousticians. And he’s aware that you don’t have $100,000 to spend. This will be a practical insight into creating a project studio on a limited budget by designing it correctly right from the start. Topics include overall design geometry, acoustic volumes, windows,floor and wall surfaces, and isolation methods.

We Practice What We Preach: Designing the new PreSonus Headquarters Studio with Josh Morris
PreSonus is constructing a new building just south of town. And naturally it’s going to have a recording studio in it. So naturally we hired Walters-Storyk Design Group to plan that recording studio. WSDG’s Josh Morris will take you through the whole process, from our first wildly unaffordable fantasy dreams to the wonderful (but more down-to-earth) result that is currently taking shape under Josh’s supervision. Learn about floating walls, really thick glass, and why acoustic designers use all those strange angles.

“Can we do another take?” Recording and Comping Vocals in Studio One with Justin Lassen & Naomi Mercer
Learn the secret vocal recording and comping techniques of a world-renowned music producer. Justin walks you through the classy vocal chain provided by PreSonus and Blue mics, as artist Naomi Mercer provides live vocals. Learn techniques to save time and money, what mistakes to avoid, and how to get the best phrase possible with comping. There is no reason to fatigue the artist. Studio One makes it so easy!

Nimbit® : Bobby Owsinski’s 6 Keys To Musical Prosperity
If you or your band is not making enough money or working with the best people in the industry, it’s time to find out how to overcome the common hurdles that block musicians and bands doing the things they’ve always dreamed about. What do successful players and bands know that you don’t? In this session, Bobby Owsinski covers the six keys to getting ahead in the new music business that most musicians are never taught. Regardless of what stage of the music business you find yourself, these tips can help take you to the next level.

Plug Into Our Most Illuminating Presentation...
Sound Lighting Ideas With Blizzard’s Frank Luppino.
Most sound guys don’t know much about lighting, let alone LED lighting. But they should. Blizzard breaks it down for the audio guy in this intuitive and very informative demonstration of lighting you will find in today’s venue. From the basic club, church, or outdoor architectural install, all the way to the high-energy dance club, Frank (this guy’s no dim bulb) is gonna cover it all and discuss many aspects of why a well-done LED lighting install can enhance performances, presentations, and worship services.

Closing Celemony of the Day — Advanced Melodyne Tips and Tricks with John DeNosky
John will demonstrate beginner and advanced Melodyne editing techniques used in modern productions. Topics covered in this seminar are monophonic and polyphonic pitch correction, advanced vocal editing, manual or automatic correction of intonation and timing errors, refashioning of melodies, timing and rhythm, transposition including adjustment to scale, time stretching, (re-)quantization, and workflow methods. John will use a variety of real world, practical examples in this highly informative class.



Special PreSonuSphere room rates at hotels right across the street!

Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge

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Need help finding a hotel? Please give us a call at (225) 216-7887.

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Walk Up Registration Hours At The Shaw Center:
Thursday: 4 PM - 6 PM
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Saturday: 8 AM - 4 PM

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